Search Engine Optimization for Small Business

Is your website achieving the results your business needs? The best way to drive traffic to your website is by having a link on the first page of Google for keywords related to your business. Not just any keywords but actionable search terms that will bring clients and customers that are ready to buy or sign up for your product or service.

Organic SEO vs PPC

#1 SEO Result

Before you jump in and start spending money getting traffic to your website, it’s important to understand a couple of key things. One very important concept is the difference between PPC and Organic Search Engine Marketing. Here on the right, we show a sample google search for “auto repair arlington heights il”. One of our clients is currently in the #1 Organic position for this search term. Different search terms may generate different search page layouts but this one is typical. The top 2 results are paid ads or “PPC”. PPC is an acronym for “Pay Per Click”. Also, in the right hand column, you see some more PPC ads. The majority of the page is however filled with Organic results which begin just below the paid ads and normally contain 10 results per page. There have been studies done showing that the Organic results get 6 times more clicks than the PPC ads that appear above them. Additionally, when visitors click on an Organic result, they trust the site more. Many people browsing the web today are savvy enough to realize that the links at the very top and on the side are paid for, therefore, they trust and click the Organic results. It is very important that you have your website in the organic results if you want to achieve the most with your website.

Effective Use of your Marketing Budget

Small Business Organic SEO

We don’t need to tell you that it’s very important to use your marketing dollars wisely. It’s very easy to start spending thousands of dollars per year on marketing campaigns that don’t work. You may be getting calls from yellow page providers wanting several hundred dollars per month. Before you even think of spending that kind of money advertising with a method that is on it’s way out, get a quote for some Organic SEO. We believe that this is one of the single most effective ways you can spend your marketing dollar.

Our SEO Portfolio – #2 Result after 5 months

#2 SEO Result for

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