Frequently Asked Questions


I want to host my site with Mach 1, but I don’t know how powerful of a hosting plan I need.

Contact us and we will help you choose the perfect hosting plan for your business.

What types of things should I look for when choosing a host?

Uptime and customer support are the biggest 2 items to consider. We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee and excellent customer support with a 45 day satisfaction guarantee. Try us out risk free! Another important thing to consider is overselling. Many web hosts feel the need to offer 'unlimited' hosting plans. In order to do this, they must remove limits from the accounts on the server (there isn't actually a server with unlimited resources). When they do this, there are usually a few resource hogs that slow the server to a crawl. As a small business owner, you do NOT want to host on one of these servers. Your pages will load slow, visitors may experience random server errors, and your website visitors will often get frustrated and click 'back'. We do not oversell our accounts. You are guaranteed to get what you pay for with Mach 1 Web Design.

I’m currently hosted somewhere else and would like to switch. Can you help me switch?

Absolutely! We can move your website free of charge. You will need to supply us with your ftp login information and we can get started.

What is hosting and why do I need it?

That's a good question. For an in depth answer, click here.


How long does it take for SEO to be effective?

A lot of this depends on the competitiveness of your keywords. Results are generally achieved between 3  months to 1 year. A broad term such as "affordable travel" would take much longer than a more specific phrase like "affordable Hawaiian beachfront condo rentals". It's important to remember that an effective SEO campaign should be conducted slowly over time.

Can you make my site the number 1 result on Google?

Maybe. We can't guarantee you a #1 result, but it may happen. Rankings also fluctuate day to day and based upon other variables such as your current location and the type of device you are using to search. You could be #1 one day, #3 the next, and #2 on the 3rd day. We can't possibly sell a service that guarantees a #1 rank. You should use extreme caution if you get a quote guaranteeing you #1. We can guarantee that your rank on Google will be an overall trend upward while you are using our SEO services.

What is SEO?

For a small business, it's often not enough to simply have a website. You need your website to be found by potential customers. The single most effective way to do this is to be on the first page of Google for actionable search terms related to your product or service. SEO is the process of getting your website listed in the search engines where you will be found by motivated customers/clients.

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Will I own the rights to my website?

We retain the rights to your website for 6 months so that we can recoup the upfront costs we incur in producing your site. After 6 months of paid service the ownership of the site is transferred to you assuming there are no outstanding unpaid invoices. You are free to cancel anytime. We do not lock you into a contract.  

I already have web hosting. Can you still design my website?

Yes. We can still design your website! Please contact us for a free quote and let us know that you already have hosting.

Does Mach 1 Web Design provide the content for my website?

For the most part no. You will need to provide your own text and photos for use on your website. For best quality, the pictures you send us should be at least 1000 pixels wide. We will provide stock photography where appropriate or in the absence of photos that provided by you. We can also refer you to content creation experts that can assist with quality content creation.

How long does it take to design a website?

Most websites take about 2 weeks. Wordpress sites typically take an additional week. Sites with more than 10 pages typically take more time.