Mach 1

Company Overview

Mach 1 Web Design, Inc. was founded in 2009 in Lake Zurich, Illinois. Originally, we focused only on graphic design and building websites for small businesses. In 2011, we expanded our service offerings to include basic web hosting. Again in 2017, we saw the need for Managed Hosting with special care packages for WordPress websites so we shifted to serve that market. Now, we are equipped not only to design beautiful and functional websites, we also maintain and secure them. We are 100% privately owned and operated. We have also expanded to serve the Phoenix, Arizona market. We don’t have a physical presence there yet, but it’s coming soon so stay tuned! We are not controlled by any parent companies or investors so we are free to do what is best for our customers. Our team has more than 30 years of combined experience in web development and web hosting which serves us very well as we tackle the challenges of running top notch business websites.

Our Hosting Platform

During our early days, when we were only designing websites and not hosting them on our own servers we dealt with many different hosting companies and hosting platforms. These were all over the map with regards to server performance and support. We found that in many cases, things would go great right after a site was setup and provisioned, but as time passed the server would start to get bogged down. We found that the hosting providers were over-provisioning the servers by placing too many accounts on the same machine. This obviously meant higher profits for the shareholders, but poor performance for the customers websites. We decided we had experienced enough!

In 2011, we partnered with a datacenter that understands fully how important server performance is to any online business. We have contracted with them to provide 24/7 onsite management of our shared hosting accounts. Mach 1 Web Design’s hosting accounts are provisioned on Supermicro servers with a RAID 10 SSD hard drive configuration. This provides us with improvements to both speed and reliability. We also take daily Idera R1Soft backups of all hosting accounts as part of our disaster recovery plan.

Our Mission

At Mach 1 Web Design, Inc. our mission is to help your business grow by providing outstanding service and support.

Last Updated May 1, 2017